Monday, January 3, 2011

New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse, 1/4/11 2:03 AM

The New Moon with a partial solar eclipse is Tuesday, January 4 at 2:03AM MST. This is a powerful time for us to align with our yearly intentions as the eclipse will lend impact to our will and clarity. Release that which no longer serves you (write it down, burn it and walk away) and then write down your Goals (accomplishments) Wishes (what you choose to manifest) and your Resolutions (changes in personal awareness). This is a powerful time for change, and a time that things should NOT be put off until tomorrow. Make your commitments, and then follow through or else give yourself permission to simply eliminate what you can't commit to from your life. Be clear about what's important to YOU...verses what others are telling you should be important. Get out of your head and listen to your gut, it knows what your truth is. This is a good day to reset what is important as this new moon comes with the force of the eclipse and the surge of energy associated with planets going direct. Anything you decide will be supported fully, so invest in clarity.

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