Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This full moon in Cancer Capricorn today, January 19th, is especially powerful as the moon is now so near to the earth. We bring to the surface our old emotional issues that are needing healing and it's a great time to get practical about what we want to hang on to and what we can finally release.

Pat Liles, writes the following for the Power Path (a great site) which is becoming more evident in our world every day: "With Pluto spending an extended 16-year period in Capricorn, we are compelled to look at the shadow side of this societal focus and at the systems of our culture that have become abusive of their authority. It's a painful process and the old power structures do not embrace change easily. With the help of Uranus in Aries and the unrest of the people that it represents, gradual or even revolutionary change is inevitable and to be expected. The stagnation of authority is no longer tolerable. Of course, the same is true within ourselves as well, where we are rigid and not willing to embrace change and where we stand blinded by our unexamined beliefs, this is where our power is buried and needs releasing to move us to the next evolutionary step."

Watch getting over reactive and going to battle in the next 24 hours, better to look at what deeper issues are REALLY pushing your buttons...and it may not be what you think is triggering you in the moment.
Many Blessings!

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