Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Prayer for Japan...and for world healing...

A Japanese Monk Sent this Prayer Request

The damage of the earthquake in Japan is devastating.
Unable to cool down the reactor, we are facing a possibility of nuclear
transplant explosion.
Please join our prayer. Feel free to forward this prayer request to anyone.
It would be great if more people can pray.

Here is a translation of a message/oracle from the Ise Shrine in Japan:

After sunset we need strong power of prayer.
Please let me deliver the message to as many as possible.
We can stop this earthquake with our prayers, but right now the nuclear
plant is in danger.

Please heal the suffering, sadness, anger, worry about nuclear
Please do not think that this accident will bring justice.

Please care for each other.
The energy toward conflict and fight is also fueling the things happening
right now.
Please stop the conflict and stop the fight and change the worrying voice
to the power of prayer.
Please pray that as many people as possible can be saved.

We will be O.K.
If our hearts start connecting with each other the earth will be healed.

There are the sounds/vibrations that can release the karma of earth.
Anyone who can make a prayer sound, anyone who can do reiki,
anyone who can do long distance healing,
please direct your energy to the center of Japan .
The exact location is above the Hachiro gata, Akita Prefecture .

If you can sing, please sing.
Humming is fine too.
Let the earth listen to the sound.

Please send gratitude to the earth.
If mother earth wakes up, everything will stop.
The word Song/Sing writes in Japanese Kanji - small possibilities
support a big lack.
Please send your prayer to the Earth to wake up the Spirit.

I will be in meditation after the sunset.
I will pray for the light shining in the sky even in the darkness.
May everyone be safe.
Thank you for supporting my heart at this very difficult time.
Gratitude for our life.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Feigning Sleep

The full moon slides through the branches in a liquid velvet night

Radiated air creeps mysteriously fresh through my bedroom window

My lungs suck healing herbs and pretend not to notice

I fain sleep but reluctantly rise, mummy like, to record my witnessed truths.

Dark and light play in the moonlight dancing across my floor, across my life

A man on the TV has told us not to worry about the nuclear reactor’s apparent failure

Reassuring in his arrogance that “our” design is superior and not nearly so vulnerable

I think of the belly laughing at the cancer in the groin…so near, yet illusively far away.

Will Japanese babies be born now without their amazing shiny black hair?

Will someone sue someone because of the rise of cancer?

Will the dead illegal immigrant’s family win their lawsuit against the murdering border patrol?

Will the young couple go to jail for beating their apparently perfect baby to death?

Answers to this and more on the 11 o’clock news fails to comfort me now

So many questions loom ominous around my fitful brain

I wanted to make a difference in this life

Does my full hearted effort at greater love even count?

My husband of oh so many years and I finally enjoy our own company

Yet defend from each other our own distracted ways

We learn patience and comfort and acceptance like birds finding twigs for their nests

All trying instinctively to do what we can without measure.

My best friend and I age together and apart quite nicely

She grows thin, I grow fat, she grows ambitious, I grow acceptance

We compete, confuse, distance, admire and draw together again and again

To polish the mirror of our own reflection, to learn to be truthful and to court silence.

Our babies take to the flight we have so intended

But not so far or so heedlessly as to leave us totally behind

Excel in all ways, but do please return home

Without judgment for all you have sprung from and hopefully perfected.

The full moon circles the earth two days away from perigee

Apparently culmination if not ruination is at hand

But my not sleeping does not signal true waking

And I am comforted only by the light dancing with the darkness.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Powerful Transformational Times

In the aftermath of Japan's terrible earthquake and accompanying tsunami, people have asked me what was held in the "heavens" during this time. Those studying astrology will note that this is not the first time we have seen a terrible earth disaster with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all connected. Not to mention, yesterday Uranus (the awaken-er) began a new 7 year cycle, changing signs from watery Pisces into violent Aries. In the past, I have done some very minor study of Transpluto, which showed up in the chart of earthquakes. Investigating this further, I found it was exact in an inconjuct/quincunx with Uranus yesterday. I realize this is some rather intense "astrology talk" but for those with the facility of this language, it poses some interesting questions. In researching the transit of Transpluto further, I found that unlike it's former transits into a new sign, it remains...or rather retrogrades over and back and over... 0* Virgo repeatedly for the next several years...

In psychological astrology Transpluto brings the energy of critical awareness prompting personal transformation. It is often where we see the work of a powerfully influential parent bringing a critical component to our personal evolution. The excellent astrologer, Lynn Koiner, has done some extensive work with this topic, which you can find here: http://www.lynnkoiner.com/index.php?s=search&q=transpluto which she believes is the true ruler of Virgo

In addition, Christy McKinny reports, "On March 19th, the moon will move on its elliptical orbit closer to the earth (lunar perigee) than its been in 18 years. Not only will it be closer, it will be full--hence the name supermoon. As it approaches the earth , astrologers worry there is more devastation to come. Scientists are heatedly shrugging off these forewarnings, claiming that astrology is not a science. But while astrology may not be referred to as a science, has science ever been totally reliable? Amid these latest natural disasters and continued debate, the men and women of science have admitted that, despite extensive research, they still cannot predict earthquakes. "
Previous less potentially potent supermoons have corresponded within days of earthquakes and extreme weather patterns. Here's an example:
Last Moon perigee March 19th, 1993 - Twin main shocks displaced the Scotts Mills (March 25th, 1993) earthquake as the largest earthquakes in Oregon's recorded history.

The Pyrgos earthquake in western Greece (26 March 1993) (ML = 5.2)

March 13, 1993 Snow Storm of the Century...
50 inches - Mount Mitchell, NC
47 inches - Grantsville, MD
44 inches - Snowshoe, WV
43 inches - Syracuse, NY

So, while one person recommends moving out of an earthquake prone location (yep, that would be me) for the next 12 days or so...I personally won't be going anywhere. I WILL remember the current suggestions when caught indoors during a large quake to NOT get under anything, especially a doorjam, but rather to lie down at the edge of something, ie. the back of a couch, as if the roof should come down it's likely there will be a triangle of protection there.

Now, you know WHY I don't do this kind of astrology...mostly because I manage to scare myself silly...and I hope that I have not brought any form of negative thought to YOU (dear reader ;) but on the otherhand, I think of this blog as where I express my current thoughts...and well...'deese are dem'.

Happy Day!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Please help promote Heron Dance!

I wanted to encourage any of you out there to check out Heron Dance. I have had his lovely drawings and words for years now and was delighted to find he has an online presence, AND a free daily inspirational writing (Well, I would call it that). Here's a link and his writing for today and one small piece of his amazing art...
If you can...send him $5....as he asks for nothing and gives much... ;-)
Loving you, loving me in such a way!


March 8th, from Archibald Campbell's Journal

When times get rough, when I can’t figure out how to make it all work financially, I tell myself that part of what the world looks to artists for is courage. Financial courage, courage of conviction. Faith. Belief in the value of the work. Sometimes that belief needs to transcend reality. You can’t be foolish. You can’t jump off high cliffs to see if you can fly. But our faith in our work, our willingness to go to extraordinary lengths to manifest our vision, must be outside the ordinary. Our discipline must be outside the ordinary.

People pay lots of money for the creations of van Gogh, Picasso, Pollock, because, in part, they are monuments to courage, to belief in oneself. These artists transcended the realities of their lives, they kept at their work, stayed faithful to their vision, despite rejection, despite disappointment. Their works are seen as celebrations of faith in oneself. What makes great artists great in part is that their belief in themselves, in their vision, is great.


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Heron Dance • Hummingbird Lane • 179 Rotax Road North Ferrisburgh, Vermont 05473 • 802.922.9652heron@herondance.org

Monday, March 7, 2011

Working it out from the collective...

I am struggling (joyously, it's true) to express my visions in glass. I find that I have to go through some immense personal transformation to actually get the image into manifestation. It's very easy to feel like "not talented enough" an artist... when you hear of others that just spit the stuff out. But I do know that those of us who are multi-talented have to give the universe a time to catch up with the area we're focusing on and wanting to manifest in NOW. :)

I found this excerpted piece of writing by John Lennon, from the archives of Playboy. I feel that he captured perfectly the challenge and joys of birthing creativing through you. Enjoy!

"Not really. It actually took me five years for them to come out….The physical writing was within a three-week period. There’s a Zen story that Yoko once told me—and I think I might have told it in “Lennon Remembers” or “Playboy Forgets.” A king sent his messenger to an artist to request a painting, he paid the artist the money, and the painter said, “OK, come back.” So a year goes by, and the messenger comes back and tells him, “The king’s waiting for his painting,” and the painter says, “Oh, hold on,” and whips it off right in front of him and says, “Here.” And the messenger says, “What’s this? The king paid you 20,000 bucks for this shit, and you knock it off in five minutes?” And the painter replies, “Yeah, but I spent 10 years thinking about it.” And there’s no way I could have written the "Double Fantasy" songs without those five years.

Even great artists struggle with self-doubt. And art often needs a gestation period, except on those few occasions when the gods offer you the more or less final product as a gift.

The gods generally won't arrive though until after a prolonged period of hard work. Maybe they have a academy up there that gives out Awards for Dedication.

Sometimes, I may do a painting that takes several months and when it is finished, I am exhausted. Then the very next day I will get an idea or a notion about wanting to do something, and do it spontaneously, and hit it right on the nose.
Once I was talking to Robert Frost about a poem of his that is so beautifully written, it is considered by some to be actually perfect. It is called 'Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.' And I asked him, "You must have worked a long time on that. It must have been done in the middle of the winter. What was your experience?" He said, 'Andy, I'll tell you about that. I'd been writing a very complicated, long-drawn-out poem, almost a story type of poem entitled 'Death of a Hired Man.' I had finished at two o'clock in the morning. It was a hot August night, and I was exhausted. I walked out on the porch of my house and looked at the mountain range. It came to me in a flash! I wrote it on an envelope I had in my pocket, and I only changed one word. It came out just like that."
- Andrew Wyeth from the book Two Worlds of Andrew Wyeth