Saturday, March 12, 2011

Powerful Transformational Times

In the aftermath of Japan's terrible earthquake and accompanying tsunami, people have asked me what was held in the "heavens" during this time. Those studying astrology will note that this is not the first time we have seen a terrible earth disaster with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all connected. Not to mention, yesterday Uranus (the awaken-er) began a new 7 year cycle, changing signs from watery Pisces into violent Aries. In the past, I have done some very minor study of Transpluto, which showed up in the chart of earthquakes. Investigating this further, I found it was exact in an inconjuct/quincunx with Uranus yesterday. I realize this is some rather intense "astrology talk" but for those with the facility of this language, it poses some interesting questions. In researching the transit of Transpluto further, I found that unlike it's former transits into a new sign, it remains...or rather retrogrades over and back and over... 0* Virgo repeatedly for the next several years...

In psychological astrology Transpluto brings the energy of critical awareness prompting personal transformation. It is often where we see the work of a powerfully influential parent bringing a critical component to our personal evolution. The excellent astrologer, Lynn Koiner, has done some extensive work with this topic, which you can find here: which she believes is the true ruler of Virgo

In addition, Christy McKinny reports, "On March 19th, the moon will move on its elliptical orbit closer to the earth (lunar perigee) than its been in 18 years. Not only will it be closer, it will be full--hence the name supermoon. As it approaches the earth , astrologers worry there is more devastation to come. Scientists are heatedly shrugging off these forewarnings, claiming that astrology is not a science. But while astrology may not be referred to as a science, has science ever been totally reliable? Amid these latest natural disasters and continued debate, the men and women of science have admitted that, despite extensive research, they still cannot predict earthquakes. "
Previous less potentially potent supermoons have corresponded within days of earthquakes and extreme weather patterns. Here's an example:
Last Moon perigee March 19th, 1993 - Twin main shocks displaced the Scotts Mills (March 25th, 1993) earthquake as the largest earthquakes in Oregon's recorded history.

The Pyrgos earthquake in western Greece (26 March 1993) (ML = 5.2)

March 13, 1993 Snow Storm of the Century...
50 inches - Mount Mitchell, NC
47 inches - Grantsville, MD
44 inches - Snowshoe, WV
43 inches - Syracuse, NY

So, while one person recommends moving out of an earthquake prone location (yep, that would be me) for the next 12 days or so...I personally won't be going anywhere. I WILL remember the current suggestions when caught indoors during a large quake to NOT get under anything, especially a doorjam, but rather to lie down at the edge of something, ie. the back of a couch, as if the roof should come down it's likely there will be a triangle of protection there.

Now, you know WHY I don't do this kind of astrology...mostly because I manage to scare myself silly...and I hope that I have not brought any form of negative thought to YOU (dear reader ;) but on the otherhand, I think of this blog as where I express my current thoughts...and well...'deese are dem'.

Happy Day!

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