Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sure enough, it's been a Gemini ride to the finish this last month. Being a Gemini Sunsign person myself, I have been very aware of the eclipse patterns this month. Often I feel like a 110 plugged into a 220, if you know what I mean! Also, the old Gemini curse of starting 20 things at once, without really planning out or thinking through first, has been my constant companion. But what to do? I am in LOVE with all 20 things and to throw one of them out?? Unthinkable!! Clearly, I have learned a bit about compromise and surrender in the giggling and happy month of June. Jackie of all Trades? Perhaps...but it brings to mind an sweet poem that has stayed with me since college..."My candle burns at both its ends, it will not last the night. But ah my foes, and oh my friends - it gives a lovely light!" (Edna St. Vincent Millay received the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1923 for The Ballad of the Harp Weaver in case you needed a new "gemini" fact for the day". :)

So the month has brought a great deal of energy and inspiration for me. In some ways I have been aware of conflicting desires (the two faces of Gemini) which often seems to boil down to the urge to be expansive and involved in new projects and ideas, and the urge to be quiet and nourish myself through connecting with the unspeakable Great Mind. And whenever I remember to find a few moments for that connection, I am greatly rewarded with positive energy and focus - a much needed gift for us Gemini types!

As the triple pattern of eclipses completes this month with the July 1st – New Moon-Partial eclipse of the Sun at Cancer 9ยบ (visible from the southern tip of South Africa, Antarctica, Tasmania, and New Zealand) we will feel the Cardinal (could it possibly be reduced to "Get 'er Done!" ??) influence and either find ourselves fried with taking on too much or able to push through with excellerated energy and drive. Either way, this is a noticeable and significant time here on planet Earth, as the New Moon and Sun form the forth corner of a Cardinal Grand Cross in the sky with Saturn (structure) Uranus (revolution) and Pluto (death and regeneration) in the sign of cancer - the great nurturer.

Having a great deal of that sign in my chart as well, I can offer this one piece of advice. We are all responsible for OUR OWN emotional well being. We love to nurture others, but must first nurture ourselves, and find the peace and clarity that is not personally draining or 'co-dependent'. As an old therapist once said, "Fill the pitcher up first, and then you have something to offer around."

Enjoy these early fireworks. Be productive, but remember to care for your inner accomplishments as well!

Happy New Moon!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Triple Eclipse Pattern Dances Around Us!

Well, if you think you were "fast dancing" before...hang on to your hats as we are starting off summer this year with triple eclipses! The first of the three is today, June 1st, with a Solar Eclipse with the New Moon at 11* Gemini. The diverse and all over the board flavor of Gemini is certainly with us now, but being flexible, trusting, and willing to adapt to changes that will arise helps enormously in finding even momentary firm footing. People born in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are most likely to find this a bit of a stresser today, as life is changing around us quickly.

For example, being a Gemini Sun with Venus and the Node in Gemini in the 10th house of Career...I write this as I prepare to bolt out the door to meet my obliging, if not excited, Sagittarius husband to pack and move my entire office...home to his storage area no less! Hummm. Remind me of the power of gratitude!

This series of eclipses are linked to a set we experienced about 19 years ago, in June 1992. I imagine this was a time of great flux in your life, bringing changes in your work, your jobs, your attitudes towards partnerships and meeting your own personal needs. For me, I had a new six month old baby as well as two challenging young boys to raise, and was bringing having to move my office home once again. But I will say, given how well that all worked out for me, I am confident that this change will be equally productive...only as usual I will be the last to know what Spirit has in store for me!

The second and even more intense eclipse, will be the Total Eclipse (Full Moon) on June 15 at 24° of Sagittarius and Gemini. Ever now and then I remember to appreciate being an air sign, and that I have learned to be flexible and "mutate baby, mutate". Things will be spinning fast for all of us mid June, and coming through the energy of Gemini it calls for us to be more expressive and communicative. This energy signals a good time for getting to that book you have been planning on writing, teaching workshops or seminars, going back to school or some other form of expanding your awareness and sharing ideas. Write down your intentions and a working schedule, as fickle Gemini has the attention span of a butterfly and you will want to develop enough consistency to take advantage of the powerful energy of change that is all around now.

The final eclipse will be on July 1 at 9° Cancer. Those born in the first part of Cancer, Libra, Capricorn and Aries are about to step into that transformation you have been sensing or considering for the last couple of years. This eclipse brings together forces and intentions we all have been gathering for the last two years and it's very active Cardinal nature will find us finally taking definitive action! As many eclipses don't triggers results for about 90 days you must be prepared for the changes you would like to put into place, and act in the way that you are wanting to manifest for yourself, so as to make your intentions clear to the Universe. Come October you can see what you have created for yourself in welcoming new growth and positive change. In order to have a different life, we have to live differently - and now's the time to work with the Universe in creating that!

Jupiter moving into Taurus this week, and several planets moving into retrograde may bring us to a place of inertia. Give yourself those creature comforts that you are needing now, don't put too much pressure on yourself and take it easy for a few days to let yourself catch up with these shifts in the energy field around us. Remember, unconditional love starts first with yourself...be there for yourself in the ways that only you know to pamper yourself. Sit back a moment...and enjoy the ride! Don't worry, with all this mutable energy of the eclipse pattern you won't be sitting for too long!