Friday, January 14, 2011

Astrology Sign Hub Bub

Fox news published an interesting story on the chatter going around that astrology is invalidated because we have been working with the "wrong zodiac". The article is worth reading and can be found here:

One thing that’s not being said here is that there is some merit with many astrologers in working with BOTH systems. The Sidereal, or Indian or Jyotish system comes from the Indian style of Eastern thought: Life is based on a system of Karma and what you are dealt is a factor of previous lifetimes and your experiences and actions there. It’s more about seeing yourself from a Spiritual viewpoint, and it holds little in possibilities for change (although they do have some rather odd “remedy’s). Western, or Tropical astrology, is similar to the consensus of Western psychological thought: with awareness and self-help we are able to change many of the aspects of who we are and thereby live a much more enjoyable life.

And one more CRUCIAL thing that I don’t see mentioned here, that is ESSENTIALin any astrological study, is that WE ARE NOT OUR SUN SIGN alone! All this hub bub has to do with where your SUN is placed in an astrology sign; but attempting to interpret the chart of an individual would of course include the other 9 planetary bodies most commonly used. At least the two planets, Venus and Mercury, never travel outside of 30* from the Sun…so chances are if your Sun is early Gemini, there’s a really good chance that at least one and probably more of your planets will be in late degrees of Taurus. So in that way you would be more like the sign Sidereal astrology suggests for you. We are NOT just “apples” (none of us) we are “apple-orange”; which is why it takes a professional astrologer and not even a computer program to weigh in the overlapping factors of what makes our unique chart (we are all like snowflakes – no two alike) distinctly OUR OWN. Attempting to interpret someone’s astrological chart from ONLY the sun sign would be similar to a doctor diagnosing the patient by looking at the big toe! There are 10 planets, in 12 houses, making hundreds of connections in meaning between themselves…so best not to underestimate a science/art that has held value in every society that bothered recording its history since the beginning of time. On the other hand, I’m happy for the “masses” to believe that astrology is just that “silly stuff”, called “horoscopes” and found in newspapers; otherwise, my fear is that science would begin to measure the immeasurable (like measuring “love” – doesn’t compute, but still exists) or some religion would want to “own it”, or the government would decide that IT should “control it”, license it, and eventually tax it. This way, when an individual has come to a time and place in their lives, and find themselves open to self-reflection, a caring friend will share with them the meaningful experience they had with astrology and how it helped them along the path of personal awareness and growth. It gets handed from person, to person, with sincere testimony and personal care.

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