Thursday, October 22, 2009

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With the Sun moving into the sign of Scorpio on October 24, 2009 we are all challenged to face the darkness in ourselves and in the world around us. With Scorpio's ruler, Pluto now in a year long square with Saturn, that which resists transformation will die away, pure and simple.

The New Moon, on November 2nd, comes through stubborn/determined Taurus and is squaring both Mars and Jupiter. Be aware this month of attempts to control the lives of others instead of facing the necessary transformation in your own. Sometimes the things we cling to with white knuckles is just our own resistance to change, and that which can initially appear as loss or crisis can in fact be the doorway to a whole new world.

"He who would be what he ought to be, must stop being what he is." Meister Eckhart
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