Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Show me the "Beginnings"...

Libra New Moon – September 27

This new moon, joining the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Libra brings to our personal attention a powerful time of change on our planet. Although it comes through tactful Libra, devoted to peace and happy relationships, it also squares into the ongoing "world changing" square between Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries.

This long lasting tension between the "Trans-personal" outer planets (they cross swords, making 8 exact squares between 2012 and 2015) will change life as we know it. But what it's NOT about is the knee jerk fear associated with 'the end of calendars' we hear about everywhere... but rather the willingness to open to a expanded self definition, to take on personal blocks and limits and to have the courage to approach things with a different attitude.

The new moon marks a time of new beginnings, and following on the heels of the Autumnal Equinox only a few short days ago, we are all aware of change around and within. We feel the intensity and need for conscious action, dedicated to the welfare of all involved, that is presenting with increasing urgency. We are cleaning and packing and organizing and trying to get the past in some sort of an order...feeling the push forward of a more personal and intimate New Year than that which takes place January 1st. Timely, Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) takes place tomorrow, September 28th. but regardless of our spiritual paths, we can all sense this renewal and potent opening for positive change.

My long term client called today, again facing tension at work and again finding himself at play with a dominating and critical boss - so much like the father he grew up with. After a bit of talking, he volunteered..."perhaps it's coming from within ME...the need to stay mired in power struggles rather than working cooperatively, with acceptance for our differences, toward a better united goal?" Wow~ now that's what we're talking about here...going toe to toe with oneself and deciding to just "do it differently".

The planet Uranus bring us an awareness of blocked energy and the need to break through outdated models and definitions. It's where we are rebellious, independent and willful. While it's hardly a 'team player', it's ALSO where we are humanitarian and progressive and willing to try out a new approach. It opens the doors to new experience and consciousness... thereby redefining who we think "we" are. Clearly, it's time to break free of old patterns, take risks and truly reach for the potential that is possible. And what is it that we fear we have to lose? How happy are we truly with the stalemate of life as we know it? How peaceful and restoring are our collective dreams and how content ARE we anyway, living in a world where we stay tucked in the reality of the 2% while the 98% struggle with great pain and deprivation? So what if the great "ending" we all seem to collectively fear was truly the beginning...?

What if it's true that we are all divine sparks, only temporarily restricted to the cumbersome housing of a body, and tied like beasts of burden to the limited identity of an individual ego? What if we ARE all immeasurable, unfettered and all powerful parts of a divine whole... that unfolds with us, and within us, and most perfectly all about us? What if 'ending' meant the end of a limitation that is tied to fear and greed and restriction and we could all EXPERIENCE our divine selves? What if we had first hand knowing that there is infinite abundance all around us and that to reach into our compassion and to help others was a direct and powerful way of helping ourselves; bringing us the most meaningful experience of JOY? What if we could KNOW that there is enough, more than enough, and that what we cling to in truth has no meaning or value for us? What if the material comforts we sacrifice our true selves for is only an illusion anyway? What if what we call 'reality' is in truth the ultimate 'illusion of a separate self' dancing with us in a co-created comedy/tragedy? What could we possibly fear ending or conceive of ending from that perspective?

Pluto brings us great transformations. It takes what we think is our personal power and shatters it before us; then picking us up with the pieces to show us truly the immense and omnipotent Power that flows through us, as we are able to open to it. It crumbles the structures of old, especially those based on tyrannical footing. What we think we have always depended on begins to evaporate around us, showing us deep resources within that were previously unknown. Our deepest and oldest wounds open themselves anew now, not to be worn raw yet again, but to be accepted and revealed for simply that we are 'working on'...for our individual part in the evolving cosmic journey. We are urged now, at this time of new beginnings, ever so lovingly, to turn inward, to heal, to love, and to accept our true nature in a spirit of gratitude and cooperation.


  1. I LOVE this! Thank you for this! It's just beautiful!

  2. Thank you so much Tina for the kindness of your post here. Sometimes I wonder why I take the time to write out my thoughts? and I have only about four followers that I know of here ;) oh well :) but then something wonderful happens like your comment ...and I know that it is indeed the right thing to be doing and sharing. I'm very happy for YOU!!

    Many Blessings...