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True Breakthrough


This is MY translation and additions to an interview with Joe Nunziata – on the site How To Fire Up Your Life. The name of this interview, done on April 2nd is “How to Remove Your Mental Barriers”. You can listen to the interview yourself at

What's the definition of a breakthrough? Well, all of life is just energy, so when you learn how to shift your belief systems and to transform your vibrational energy, you don't see money or things, you only see energy. You see that you have created all that exists in your life, which is very hard to see when we are looking at the less than desirable things that exist in our lives. Stepping into the power of seeing that you have manifested all that is before you, seeing why you have created what you are facing, frees you in a way that creates true breakthrough. We create breakthrough in changing our belief systems, which is the driving force in our lives. In changing these deep and often unconscious patterns, we allow ourselves to move out of the holds of our childhood influences and experiences and into living a life that’s more about choosing the experience of our life, rather than living in "reaction" to what life presents to us.

Changing our foundation is about basically moving our energy from where we are to expanding our energy into getting bigger...elevating and expanding further into the world. Joe writes on his site:

A breakthrough is, in metaphysical terms, an expansion of energy. To move from one level of energy to another you must expand your energy. You begin to expand by moving into a new energy vibration or feeling. The breakthrough occurs when you are able to hold yourself in this new energy for a long enough period of time. When this happens you manifest a change in the external world. I call this phase holding the vibration. The bigger the breakthrough the more difficult it is to remain in this new vibration of energy.

Everything in this world is based on energy. Changes can only occur when your energy has been shifted. You can work hard, read books and set goals but none of that will work if your energy has not changed. This is the trap that many of us fall into. You keep on trying to figure out what you are doing wrong. The reality is, your energy is blocked and it will not allow you to move forward. Once you embrace this concept it is possible to breakthrough.”

We are actually creating little breakthroughs every day, and to have things change in our shift and become more aware and free, it’s about the many little steps and choices that set the foundation for true and rapid change and manifestation. As our positive movement remains consistent, it begins to build and gain momentum, and then the positive flow of energy begins to come our way effortlessly. But it’s all the little decisions, which are maybe about hard work and selflessness or overcoming ego, that create a foundation allowing us to move OUT of where we are stuck and to gain access to where we want to be. Then we are no longer trapped in that wheel of behavior, and the negative feelings we have been previously addicted to, and the doors of life begin to open themselves.

We have to move out of where we are familiar and comfortable and accept how we allow ourselves to stay stuck in places and feelings that don't serve us. A lot of the work is about NOT doing something. Action is not always good, often we have to ask ourselves if we are taking action that will move us in the direction we want to go in or if we are just acting out of fear because they think we have to DO something. Sometimes just taking a step back, which is not an easy thing to do, is the best thing we can allow things to settle and come to truth for us. In overwhelm, we don't need to do more we just need to release the energy around the issue we are frustrated by. Just let it go and let it resolve itself in the way that it is moving. Go WITH the movement, and listen and trust your own truth. Do not act from emotional response, wait for clarity and the knowing of what is honestly true for you.

Those of us who came into this life to do some deep spiritual work will have the kind of challenges in our lives that allow for big movement, to realize that we chose to create big challenges for ourselves in order to create big growth in this lifetime. This understanding allows us to see others, who seem to have an easier path, in a new way. There is NO competition with others...only positive encouragement for any little steps of progress we are able to make within ourselves. All personal change comes from a deep commitment to always choosing only loving kindness towards ourselves. That’s not about NOT holding ourselves accountable, or taking responsibility for our intentions and actions, it’s about creating a climate of love and acceptance of self that allows us to SEE and accept the truth of who we are and where we are in our lives. Only through accountability combined with self-love and acceptance are we able to feel safe enough to change. The expectation that others should take care of us only creates resentment and creates weakness in ourselves. We can accept help, but need to take full responsibility for saving ourselves. Only WE can save ourselves.

How to get to the core feelings that drive the behavior is about shifting energy on the emotional level, it’s not about thoughts. It’s about allowing yourself to feel what you feel in the moment, whether positive or negative. We must be willing to go through feelings of fear, worry, panic and discomfort in order to not carry the energy that is holding us back from our proclaimed goals. Let the feelings be what they are without judgment and denial of what we are truly feeling, it’s not good or bad – it’s just how we feel. All of life is about movement and happiness is not a constant experience for any of us. Seeing that our lives are not what we want them to be is. You have to want to change, no forcing ourselves because they are “supposed” to. Do you really want to change and are you willing to do what is necessary to make the change that you desire. Be in your truth, what changes do you WANT to make and what are you WILLING to make? Focus on your life, accept where you are, and get to the truth, then everything is easy because we are not fighting or battling ourselves. We just give up the conflict in owning who and what we are. In removing the conflict within ourselves we open to the possibilities in that alignment with our true self.

When our energy begins to create consistent momentum in a more positive way, things start coming our direction and our goals begin to flow to us more easily. When our belief system becomes aligned with where we are going, and there is congruence with what we believe about ourselves, then we come together in what we call breakthrough. Knowing what to do when things come up, so that we don’t get derailed, or lose our momentum, or forget how to deal with the feelings or emotions that arise, is about having the skills and tools to accept and be with what is arising, without losing our positive direction. When we are emotionally clear, we can tap into our intuition and sense more quickly the correct direction for ourselves. This allows us to create a space of calm serenity around ourselves, so keep ourselves from being disrupted and losing our energy every time something comes up for us. Acceptance or resistance, truth or denial are very simple things and this is what allows us to move through our own blocks to make our lives very flowing. Distraction is always around us, and reminding ourselves to just begin again when we find ourselves in a place we don’t like, just like in learning to meditate, is the secret to moving forward more quickly. No judgment of the self is productive, only love and encouragement for any small piece of progress we are able to create in our lives. The key has always been the same; it’s about consistency. Holding the vibration long enough to create the new energy is critical to actually making the energy change. You have to make that commitment to consistency.

When we start building momentum we often run into the conflicts of our old belief systems, our deep unconscious family patterns. We have to let the chips fall in making the choices that we make, and allow relationships do what they will when we are acting in our truth. (This last part is my own) Relationships cannot grow without our totally releasing any fear or sense of control in being able to hold them in constancy. Find somebody whose philosophy and vibration really aligns with your own, and then trust the truth of the relationship to help you grow through the obstacles together and get to a better, easier and more committed place together. When you find yourselves not able to hear what the other person is saying or wanting, find someone to help you through with counseling and support. Every relationship needs some outside support from time to time, and getting the help you need turns things around so much easier and faster and avoids creating deep seated resentments that are harder to move.

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